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Dealing with multiple water treatment or mining chemical suppliers can be a hassle. When you use multiple chemicals in your operations, things get even more complicated. Kemcore carries a range of chemicals to reduce the paperwork and logistics headache that looking for mining chemical suppliers can induce. We make sure that the your mining operations get the highest quality mining chemicals at affordable prices. Delivery is quick, no matter how many tons your order is for, so that your mine can continue to run safely and without interruption.
Is your mining chemical supply chain getting more complex? Obtaining mining chemicals can be a costly endeavor, and suppliers aren't always reliable. We understand your frustration. Kemcore exists to simplify the sourcing of quality mining chemicals, reagents, and consumables to keep your mining operations running. Every mine's mineral processing operations is unique. From treating water to modifying pH and controlling dust, we carry the chemicals you need.
Kemcore understands the complexity of mining business. We carry a wide range of mining chemicals, including coagulants, accelerators, and extractants, to provide varying levels of power and selectivity for your sulfide and industrial mineral applications. Keep your operations supplied at every step with Kemcore. Our comprehensive logistics deliver the highest quality mining chemicals direct to your door from ISO certified factories.
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  • Kemcore Receives First Batch of Sulphuric Acid Tankers

    New rolling stock strengthens Kemcore ’s leading position in the supply and transportation of sulphuric acid from South Africa to Zambia and Congo. Kemcore has received the first batch of Sulphuric Acid Tankers as it steps up efforts to increase its rail capacity, to supply sulphuric acid to its clients in Zambia and the DRC. Kemcore,  a Hong Kong-based company, with offices in South Africa & Zambia has announced that its newly leased ...
  • Sodium Perchlorate New Shipment Announcement - Turkey

    Kemcore has shipped 48 tons of Sodium perchlorate Monohydrate to a Blasting plant in Turkey. Sodium Perchlorate Monohydrate is used as an initiator for explosives in Quarries, Oil&Gas and Mining Industry. For more information, please have a look at our website.
  • Kemcore launches LLDPE Activated Carbon bags

    Kemcore is pleased to launch our new LLDPE Coconut Activated Carbon valve bags for gold recovery. Our new activated carbon packaging has the following advantages:  1-The excellent sealing properties of LDPE ensures that the bags are completely closed and final packed product can be handled virtually dust free;  2-Thanks to the shiny LDPE surface and high quality printing the bags are of higher quality compared to paper bags or woven...
  • Kemcore Strengthens Its Position As The Top Supplier of Sulphuric Acid In The Copperbelt (DRC /Zambia)

    Sulphuric Acid Rail Tanker offloading in Zambia. Kemcore has demonstrated its position as the leading supplier of bulk Sulphuric Acid to the copper belt- Zambia and DR Congo by delivering 4 000 tons in July and August. Kemcore entered the bulk acid supply business by winning supply contracts with mines in Zambia/SADC for Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, and Sulphuric acid since 2014. The sulphuric acid market in the Copperbelt is very...
  • With thousands of suppliers competing for our business, Kemcore has proven to be the most reliable and consistent import/export company in China, offering quality chemicals at competitive prices. We strive to continue working with them.

    Macheng Macheng

    Senior Buyer

    KS Energy (Pty) Ltd

  • Kemcore’s greatest advantage is understanding our culture, values, and expectations for business transactions, quality, and delivery from the Asian market feeding into Africa. Our business started with trial orders of 20 tons to the current 350 tons per month.

    Mike Peto

    Managing Director

    Sesani EPCM

  • Our import volume of chemicals and other mining accessories stands at $5.65mil/yr. We have significantly increased our market share due to the competitiveness & consistency in quality.

    Menfred Mukumba (MCIPS)

    Supply Chain Manager

    Intrachem Pvt Ltd

  • Kemcore continues to be  instrumental in procuring a complete suite of reagents for  our gold/copper flotation plant . I do not hesitate to recommend Kemcore services for Xanthate, DTP's plant reagent supply, especially when procuring out of China.

    Brienie Dzumbunu

    Metallurgical Superintendent

    Pan African Mining

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