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Sodium Cyanide 98%

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A Low Cost and Secure Sodium Cyanide Supply Chain

Sodium cyanide cost contributes an estimated 5% towards cash costs for most mining companies, and it is tied to long-term profitability. As a result a reliable, low cost sodium cyanide supply partner is an important part of any gold mining company.

To meet the growing demand for Solid Sodium Cyanide, we at Kemcore have partnered with low cost producers to increase supply capacity and delivery dependability. We have partnerships with low cost sodium cyanide manufacturers in China.

Proven Knowledge and Experience

Kemcore is committed to efficiency & safety, and we have been exporting Chinese sodium cyanide for the past 10 years.  Our export market is mostly in Africa with majors customers in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sudan, South Africa, Ghana and other resource rich countries.

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Sodium Cyanide Import procedures

As a Sodium Cyanide supplier we assist our clients to comply with export laws from China.

-Our End Users and importers are required to provide their "Import permit license" and "End-user Certificate" declaring the specific application. Depending on jurisdiction the "Import permit license" is usually issued by the ministry of mines, while the miner or importer must provide the “End-user Certificate”.

-The licensing process requires 30 days before we can commence the first shipments.

Solid Sodium Cyanide Quality Specifications

Sodium cyanide (NaCN) minimum purity 98% +/- 1%

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) maximum weight % = 0.4%

Average briquette weight = 18–20 grams average

Briquette size = 40 x 30 x 20mm

Sodium Cyanide Quality – Chinese Sodium Cyanide Vs. Korean Vs. Australian and other sources

Sodium cyanide itself is a commodity; the molecule is a fungible commodity. Our Sodium Cyanide is  EXACTLY as our competitors, whether Korean, Australian or others.

Whether it is packaged in blue, white, black or red drums, the quality is identical!

Our End Users

Our sodium cyanide is used for:

-Leaching (tank leaching and heap leaching) ore flotation of base metals (e.g. copper, lead, zinc) and

-In the electroplating and metal (case) hardening industries

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Why Choose Kemcore’s Sodium Cyanide

1- ICMI Certified Supplier.

2-30 day import license approval.

3-98% min Guaranteed Quality

4-Logistic support from factory to site.

Kemcore Sodium Cyanide Warehouse in China- Blue or White drums available.

Container loading in China - Qingdao port.

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+/-320 50 kg steel drums loaded in a 20 GP Shipment Container. Loading Weight of 17.5 tons.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Where is your Sodium Cyanide manufactured? 

Our Sodium Cyanide is produced by Chinese ICMI certified manufacturer.

2. How is the quality of Chinese made Sodium Cyanide compared to Korean/Australian and other sources?

Sodium cyanide itself is a commodity; the molecule is a fungible commodity. Our Sodium Cyanide is EXACTLY as our competitors.

Whether it is packaged in blue, white, black or red drums, the quality is identical!

3. How many people have used it?

65% of customers are gold mines defined as End Users, 30% are distributors who re-sell to small miners and mid scale gold miners, 5% in electro-plating.

4. Can I order SGS inspection before delivery?

Unfortunately SGS China laboratory is not equipped to test the quality of sodium cyanide. However Bureau VERITAS (BV) inspectors can witness the entire process and detail the results at the manufacturer lab. The cost is approx. USD1, 000 per shipment. Please contact us for a sample of the report. The inspection includes: “Witness testing” & “loading supervision”.

5.What are the packing options?

 We offer 2 types of packaging:

-1000 kg wooden boxes- 20FT shipping container loads 20 tons. (20 boxes)

-50kg Steel drums - 20FT shipping container loads 17.5 tons. (350 drums) – We have an option of White or blue drums.

Find out more how to import Sodium Cyanide from China...

Molecular Formula: : NaCN

Cas Number: 143-33-9

Physical Properties

Appearance : white solid/briquettes

Odor: odorless

Boiling point: 1497 °C

 Melting/freezing point: :562 °C

Specific gravity: 1.6-1.62 @20°C

Flash point: 1500 °C

pH: 9.3 - 9.5


View FileSodium Cyanide 98% COA    Size: (1.27 MB)

Sodium Cyanide 98% COA

View FileSodium Cyanide 98% SDS    Size: (857.11 KB)

Sodium Cyanide 98% SDS

Safety and Transport- Handling of Sodium Cyanide.

Kemcore offers two forms of packaging for solid sodium cyanide.

1- 1000 kg wooden boxes- 20FT shipping container loads 20 tons. (20 boxes)

For packed product, we use one-tonne wooden boxes for the storage and transportation of our solid sodium cyanide briquettes. Our wooden box packaging complies with

  • UN1689 regulations
  • the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code
  • International Cyanide Management Institute’s Code Protocols


Our sodium cyanide briquettes are filled into polypropylene (PP) bulk bag, which is then sealed to protect the product from moisture. The bags are then placed in a box with a wooden pallet base.


2- 50kg Steel drums - 20FT shipping container loads 17.5 tons. (350 drums)


50kgs of sodium cyanide packed into one layer of PP/ plastic bag, then packed in an iron drum. The PP bag keeps the sodium cyanide dry, free from extraneous material. 

Kemcore sodium cyanide services also includes logistics services where  sea shipping, land transportation or any combination of these can be offered.


All our transporters are ICMI certified.

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

very good, professional and commitment to the cause.
have been a distributor of your product for many years even before you were known as Kemmore, the quality of the product is very good, the pricing very competitive and the approach to business by your organisation very professional.
Review by MM - Zim distributor / (Posted on 3/21/2016)
Good quality and logistics support.
Quality as good as Korean cyanide but cheaper. Will continue to order from kemcore.
Review by John M.- Zimbabwe Re-seller / (Posted on 3/13/2016)

  • With thousands of suppliers competing for our business, Kemcore has proven to be the most reliable and consistent import/export company in China, offering quality chemicals at competitive prices. We strive to continue working with them.

    Macheng Macheng

    Senior Buyer

    KS Energy (Pty) Ltd

  • Kemcore’s greatest advantage is understanding our culture, values, and expectations for business transactions, quality, and delivery from the Asian market feeding into Africa. Our business started with trial orders of 20 tons to the current 350 tons per month.

    Mike Peto

    Managing Director

    Sesani EPCM

  • Our import volume of chemicals and other mining accessories stands at $5.65mil/yr. We have significantly increased our market share due to the competitiveness & consistency in quality.

    Menfred Mukumba (MCIPS)

    Supply Chain Manager

    Intrachem Pvt Ltd

  • Kemcore continues to be  instrumental in procuring a complete suite of reagents for  our gold/copper flotation plant . I do not hesitate to recommend Kemcore services for Xanthate, DTP's plant reagent supply, especially when procuring out of China.

    Brienie Dzumbunu

    Metallurgical Superintendent

    Pan African Mining

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