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  • Kemcore Receives First Batch of Sulphuric Acid Tankers

    New rolling stock strengthens Kemcore ’s leading position in the supply and transportation of sulphuric acid from South Africa to Zambia and Congo. Kemcore has received the first batch of Sulphuric Acid Tankers as it steps up efforts to increase its rail capacity, to supply sulphuric acid to its clients in...
  • Sodium Perchlorate New Shipment Announcement - Turkey

    Kemcore has shipped 48 tons of Sodium perchlorate Monohydrate to a Blasting plant in Turkey. Sodium Perchlorate Monohydrate is used as an initiator for explosives in Quarries, Oil&Gas and Mining Industry. For more information, please have a look at our website.
  • Kemcore launches LLDPE Activated Carbon bags

    Kemcore is pleased to launch our new LLDPE Coconut Activated Carbon valve bags for gold recovery. Our new activated carbon packaging has the following advantages:  1-The excellent sealing properties of LDPE ensures that the bags are completely closed and final packed product can be handled virtually dust free;  2-Thanks to...
  • Kemcore Strengthens Its Position As The Top Supplier of Sulphuric Acid In The Copperbelt (DRC /Zambia)

    Sulphuric Acid Rail Tanker offloading in Zambia. Kemcore has demonstrated its position as the leading supplier of bulk Sulphuric Acid to the copper belt- Zambia and DR Congo by delivering 4 000 tons in July and August. Kemcore entered the bulk acid supply business by winning supply contracts with mines...
  • To be, or not to be... Qingdao Port Ponders Hazardous Chemical Ban

    In August 2017, the Qingdao Municipal Safety Production Committee Office issued a communique in relation to the “ban or limitation” of  Export Operations of Dangerous Goods in Qingdao Port.

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  • Productivity Hacks - How To Get Sh*t Done Faster!

    One of the reasons I founded Kemcore.com was due to my frustration with getting the pricing information that I needed. Sometimes you just need a ballpark figure to either continue with plans or considerations or give up the thoughts. So these tools  are for those “Who you just have to...
  • D2EHPA Delivery Annoucement

    Kemcore is pleased to deliver a spot order of D2EHPA - Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid to a client in South Africa with hydrometallurgical solvent extraction circuit operations in the Southern Africa region. Faced with long lead-time from overseas, the client had an urgent need to source D2EHPA in order not to disrupt production at...
  • Heat Treated Grinding Rods Shipment Annoucement

    Kemcore is pleased to announce the completion and delivery of “Heat Treated Grinding Rods” to a client in Saudi Arabia. The order was for 25tons (500pcs) of grinding rods and was shipped to Dammam port.   Production of Grinding Rods. Our grinding rods are manufactured from a partner factory in China...
  • Lead Nitrate Shipment Announcement

    We are  pleased to have  delivered a trial order of 6 tons lead nitrate to a customer in  Eurasian region.  Lead nitrate will be used as an accelerator in gold cyanidation process. Product Application To improve cyanidation lead nitrate is known to enhance gold recovery and also lowers cyanide consumption, especially in...
  • Importing Sodium Cyanide from China

    Importing Sodium Cyanide from China

    My first experience with exporting sodium cyanide from China dates back to 2007- 2008. A chemical distributor suddenly found itself without any sodium cyanide allocations from Dupont and engaged 300CC Asia Pacific Ltd to source cyanide from China. Apparently, United States legislators were concerned about an American company sending large quantities of sodium cyanide to an African dictator’s country. Continue reading

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