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Kemcore Online Mining Supply Store

Who is Kemcore?

You’ve been in mining long enough to know what a headache getting water purification, mining, and grinding media supplies can be. That’s exactly how we got started.

Kemcore’s founders were sick of bungled deliveries, unreliable suppliers, and mediocre quality mining supplies. In 2013, we saw an opening in the market that needed filled. One that should have been obvious - the need for a comprehensive, low-risk, single-source logistical supply of mining chemicals and grinding media.

Today, we supply more than 30 mining operations and governments in 40 countries with mining chemicals and supplies produced in ISO-certified facilities and delivered promptly, so that you can finally bid your logistics and mining supply sourcing headaches goodbye.

Your Trusted Mining Supply Store Online

How many times have you found a supplier online, been amazed by the price, and then crushed by the quality?

Mining is a competitive industry, and every cent counts. We get the challenges you face, and work hard to minimize costs. You’ll never find surprise charges or unexpected costs in a bill from Kemcore - your quote is provided mere seconds after you tell us what you need. We make sure you know your shipping and order costs instantly.

From gold mining supplies to water purification chemicals, Kemcore aims to be the bridge between your suppliers and logistics. Getting reliably high-quality supplies delivered on time without hassle can be a headache - not to mention a major expense - but not if you work with Kemcore.  

We make the process of sourcing high-quality mining supplies simple and friendly. Feel like meeting our suppliers or touring their facility? We’ll make it happen.

ISO-certified Mining Supplies, Comprehensive Logistics, Affordable Prices

There’s something to be said for knowing your source, which is why Kemcore chose a strategic location within a 100-kilometer radius of hundreds of our suppliers. Our staff regularly inspects facilities. Because we’re neighbors, it’s easy for us to get to know the suppliers we work with. That gives us a stronger position at the negotiating table and a firsthand view of what happens at supplier facilities. As a result, we guarantee the purest quality mining chemicals and reliable mining supplies for your operation.

We’re committed to working with fully-tested, well-established, regularly-audited, and ISO 9001:2008 certified suppliers who provide us with samples for review and allow us to audit and inspect their facilities at a moment’s notice. Our suppliers also have proven track records in batch-to-batch purity and excellence. The result is unparalleled purity and potency at prices 30-50% less than other mining suppliers can offer.

Kemcore’s proximity to suppliers helps us keep an eye on the supply chain and to quickly spot quality issues. We’re also able to make sure you get your mining chemicals quickly and our proximity to production facilities gives us the upperhand in logistics. As our business expands, we work to make sure we’re close to our sources, so that we can continue to save you money without sacrificing quality.

100% money back

Kemcore Gurantee

Shop with confidence!

    Kemcore.com guarantees to dispatch all products within 14 days of payment depending on the vessel availability.
  • iso certified factories
    Highest-grade products. Benefit from our regularly audited, ISO 9001:2008 certified suppliers.
  • pre-shipment inspection
    Free SGS/BV testing at the loading port. for order above100tons.
  • comprehensive logistics
    Instant Freight Rates - sea & inland transport options available- CIF & CFR options offered.
  • factory direct prices
    Highest quality and purity- direct from the factory.

Quality Comes First 

Let’s be honest. Quality is a word that gets tossed around a lot, but rarely does it carry any weight. At Kemcore, we’re committed to changing that. Our definition of “quality” mining and water purification supplies and grinding media means you can expect:

  • Easy access to comprehensive chemical consumable information
  • Pre-shipment random sampling by SGS or other third-party quality assurance agencies
  • Reagent samples for in-house laboratory analysis or plant trial testing
  • Suppliers who are regularly audited and deliver pure grade, consistent batches
  • Regular independent third-party laboratory testing of chemicals for ongoing quality assurance
  • A full refund (including shipping costs) if the supplies you receive don’t meet our standards

Now that you know who we are and what we stand for, how can we help you?

Mining Explosives

Grinding Media

Flotation Reagents

Leaching Chemicals


Water Treatment chemicals

Ammonium Nitrate/ AN-PP

Forged Steel Grinding Balls

Activators & Depressants

Sodium Cyanide

Smelting Chemicals

Calcium Hypochlorite

Blasting Agents

Cast Chrome Grinding Balls

pH Modifiers

Activated Carbon

Electrowinning & Refining

Coagulation & flocculation

Dust Control

Grinding Rods


Lead Nitrate


pH Control





Corrosion & Scale Control




Sodium Bisulphite


Softening Agents




Sodium Chlorate


Disinfection and Oxidation




Sulphuric acid


Dechlorination and antioxidant






Taste & Odor control












Fluoride Removal






Boiler Water Treatment






Tailings Management

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