Caustic soda/Sodium Hydroxide lye 32%

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Caustic soda/Sodium Hydroxide lye 32%

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Caustic soda lye is sodium hydroxide in solution. The solution can be diluted to 50% or 32% depending on intended application. Some gold miners in trying to bypass the challenge of having to open bags of caustic soda, are opting to install tankers onsite for storage of caustic lye, the introduction of which is controlled by a series of valves.

Caustic lye 50% is widely used in pulping of wood for making paper, as a cleaning reagent in bottling plants, storage tanks, textile industries as well as effluent treatment in oil and soap manufacturing.

The above processes in most instances have to dilute the 50% lye further before use. Major takers of caustic soda flakes are more often therefore able to draw also both lye 50% and 32% depending on availability of storage, costs, safety related issues and product form available.


Method of Application

Tankers of lye are pumped straight into storage tanks on site. They are they channeled into the reacting chambers using a series of pipes and valves to control dosage rates.

Handling and safety challenges are reduced when using caustic lye.

Caustic lye dosage systems are normally operated together with ancillary equipment like pH meters to regulate pH-related chemical reactions. For example in gold leaching, one needs to monitor pH  of leach reaction and adjust dosage accordingly.

Molecular Formula: :NaOH

Cas Number: 1310-73-2

Physical Properties

Appearance: White, othogonal crystals

Form: Colorless to white ... solid (flakes, beads, granular form).

Odor: Odorless

Boiling point: 1,388 °C

Melting/freezing point: 318 °C

Specific gravity: 2.13 @. 20°C

 Flash point: Non-flammable

pH: 12.7 (1% aqueous solution)

View FileCaustic soda/Sodium Hydroxide 99% SDS    Size: (1.27 MB)

Caustic soda/Sodium Hydroxide 99% flakes SDS

View FileCaustic soda/Sodium Hydroxide lye 32% COA    Size: (1.29 MB)

Caustic soda/Sodium Hydroxide lye 32% COA



  • Transport-UN UN 1823
  • Hazard Class No. : 8 Corrosive
  • Packing Group: II
  • HS Code: 28341000


Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place and out of direct sunlight. Store away from foodstuffs. Store away from incompatible materials . Keep containers closed when not in use - check regularly for spills.



Packing type


  35kg drums

   24.5 tons/FCL

  250kg drums





4- Environmental impact


-        Although caustic is only slightly toxic to aquatic organisms, a large discharge can change the pH of the aquatic system which may be toxic to aquatic organisms.

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